The first platform to provide flexible, personalised and highly qualified on demand EU regulatory and political expertise.

We connect clients directly with subject experts on EU regulatory and political issues.

Woodz EU Insights simplifies the difficult task of identifying, selecting and contracting highly knowledgeable regulatory and political subject experts.


The interactive nature of our business model requires clear rules of engagement between Woodz EU Insights, the subject expert and the client.

Woodz EU Insights’ commitment to compliance, a cornerstone of our service, is based on:

  • Doing the right thing (every time); cutting corners is not an option
  • We train our teams to uphold the highest compliance standards
  • Compliance policy is embedded in our contracts with subject experts and our clients
  • The information collected, used and stored is protected by Swiss privacy law (OLPD)


We provide clients with access to the best available EU public policy knowledge at both EU and national member state level.

Our careers in EU public policy provide us with insights that allow us to scope out your issue and identify and retain the relevant subject expert to answer your specific query.

Woodz EU Insights manages the entire process. From understanding and scoping out the issue, to identifying and hiring the subject expert.

Step 1

Assist you with scoping the problem

Step 2

Identify the best subject expert

Step 3

Set up meeting / phone consultation

Step 4

Seek your feedback on the meeting / consultation